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Re: My Roomba does not detect connection to the docking base

If the market conditions change, the Robot may not be as profitable as before, and you do not have the competence or anyway the insights as to change the parameters. It could be that you have to find the best settings, even though usually the vendors restrict as much as possible the different options and inform the client of the best settings.

Read this post to see our preferred Binary Robots. A REAL trial period is when you do not have to open a binary account in order to use the robot. Because the vendor will receive a CPA from the broker in exchange of any new account opened and funded. This could be a genuine and honest thing to do by the vendor if he openly declares the CPA issue. There is nothing wrong in doing this if the robot is a valuable tool.

It might happen that the robot does not work for that specific week but still remains a good product. Like in this binary option site, at some point the offer introduces also the free version of the robot through opening and funding a new brokerage account.

We could even understand if the vendor of the robot wants to make some money with CPAs, but that must be additional, and the robot must work regardless of any new account opening. Click here for other examples of Tip 1. Real statements are like this, where you see at least the full session and not just a few trades of a session, as it might be that some trades were good and some were bad, and the whole session was negative. Example of a real binary session statement.

Click here for other examples of Tip 3. Also in this case, the risk of having a robot software just aiming at getting CPAs is even higher.

It seems trivial to say, but it is always a good idea to read reviews. Many vendors, expecially those selling through affiliate networks, do offer a days money back guarantee.

This is the purchase page of Auto Binary Signals , which leads you to the Clickbank checkout page. Here you can see the Clickbank return policy link.

Following this link you can reach the text of the return policy. Having the confirmation of the money back guarantee from Clickbank is even more important as Clickbank is one of the leading company in handling online payments and with the highest standards and the best practice in the industry. Click here for other examples of Tip 6. One check that we make regularly is to send an email to the contact page email and see how long it will take to get an answer. Usually, the scam robot vendor do not even bother to answer and only try to build contact lists to send marketing emails.

Also this is a sign of seriousness and professionality. Scam binary robot vendors usually do not publish phone numbers, they usually do not have an office and they usually open website to only sell CPA-generating robots and close after the bulk of the money is made. Click here for other examples of Tip 9. Could be one missing intentionally, or maybe one fallen off during soldering, and not detected by production final test.

Need to check that further. I will try your suggestions and se if I can hunt down any large bugs.. Just need a couple of hours precious but oh so wasted hours of sleep first. Impossible to sleep with Gordons tip running around in my head. So I went back to my workshop, and actually managed to find the problem!!! The 22,5 V applied to the charging probe connector on the PCB just seemed to disappear immediately after the intake fuse on the ground wire.

I found out that the ground of the home base charge pads led to this brown cable, and nothing else. The brown and black wire are supposed to be connected inside the power connector of the Roomba when there is no charger plugged. And as soon as the charger is plugged this connection is broken.

This ensures that plugging a charger directly, while the Roomba is charging in its home base, will disconnect the homebase charge circuitry removing its ground connection. However on my charge connector, this mechanism did not work, and the connection was permanently broken, even when the charge plug was removed.

Therefore the home base charger input circuitry never had ground connection.. A little surgery, opening the connector, bending the parts into correct position, and closing the connector using epoxy solved it all.

So thanks for your tip for fault finding method Gordon. It saved my night and my Roomba PS! The shematic you made does not apply for the series. I thought for a second I should make a revision, valid for the series, but being a 4 layer PCB, totally covered in white paint, I found the task to be too difficult.

I am extremely impressed. In case anyone are interrested, or ever comes into the same problem, I have made a description of the repair process here: Bjorn, I must apologize for my lack of response these last 30 days! For some, unknown reason quite often, a notification from the php-maven fails to reach my in-box , I lost track of your thread just after you posted about having I have now stripped down my Roomba to the bare PCB I will try your suggestions Just need a couple of hours You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

I had the same problem with my Roomba I used your instructions to fix the problem. OK, I have the same problem. I bend the connector and this fix the situation for a couple of days. BUt after that the problem is still there.

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