Forex 1000 pips roboter

Forex Pips E.A. has been designed to help you make money through Forex. It is a FULLY AUTOMATED software. It is totally up to you if it will work all day long, but it is more effective when turned off at certain times, such as when important economical news are expected.

Download and save Robot file in the experts folder of your MetaTrader 4 Open MetaTrader 4 and drag the Robot from the Navigator into a currency pair chart.

5 Pips A Day Back Testing

The system is known as Pips Momentum Mt4 simply because it is among my personal strategies/systems which i have examined on the demonstration accounts as .

Ok guys lets get the ball rolling, here at ForexFBI we encourage our visitors to discuss your Forex Pips experiences, strategies, thoughts, whatever…. I was to early yesterday there where: Although, I broadly agree with all the above comments.

This may be a Fluke, but I can only say that is the way it has panned out. Drawdown was not scary. I tried Fish Forex. The idea had a lot of merit, but the Losing trades wiped out all the small gains, when reverse trade failed to cover the loss. So that got binned.

First let me say I do not mean you are crazy. That is a figure of speech. Her and Karlo Dittman come out of the same shoe box both having smelly feet. Stay away from her stuff or you will get burned and your account will lose money. It is placing only 1 trade. I wrote about that to support and got updated version 1. TP and SL still are hardcoded. Rita answered to you, that there is no trailing stop. I have in the past bought her stuff and nothing ever works.

Her web site are a fabrication and not valid authentic trades. I would never buy anything from her at all. As for the fello who sent the email with no reply. If you think she is going to spend all day answering 11 questions you are crazy. As you can see she answered nothing. I believe that more info is better — before I buy anything. So I felt it was at least worth a try. And yes, her lack of response, makes me more suspicious. But know that I have asked a similar list of detailed questions of other vendors, before i bought forex-related software — and have gotten useful, detailed answers.

And when I did end up purchasing the product, I found that the answers were in fact true mostly. However, my purchase of an EA is not a typical action for me — I trade manually and have been doing so full time for almost 4 years.

Although I wonder why she and so many others seem to remain in business, if all they do is mislead. Is it possible that they have in fact produced something that is of value and performs as they promise?

Here is her reply — polite and useful. But I now know that there is at least 1 key issue — no controllable stop loss, trail, etc. I am sorry for the late reply, we have found the messages in the spam folder. We apologize for the inconvenience. Should the EA be turned off during new release spikes and periods of low volume?

Or — does it read these itself and stop trading? These results were achieved with just 0. The profit factor is There are over 3, trades in testing so we can conclude that this excellent forex robot is able to adjust to a variety of different market conditions. You could achieve huge gains from a smaller deposit and using low risk.

To see the latest live verified trading account performance of all forex robots please visit my best forex robots results page. You can make a lot of money trading on auto-pilot with the 5 Pips A Day Forex Robot and it includes an easy to follow instruction manual for a quick 5 minute setup as well as full support, free updates and a comforting 60 day money back guarantee.

There is no minimum account balance required to get started and make the great gains this forex robot is capable of. As I mentioned earlier in my review, it can make a lot more than 5 pips per day! If you are looking for an automated forex trading system that is extremely accurate and very profitable with a high frequency of trades on the EURUSD, then 5 Pips A Day is something you should not miss out on! Visit 5 Pips A Day Website. Forex Market Sentiment Review.

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