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Below is a list of articles that contain free EasyLanguage source code to help you discover new ways to build profitable trading systems. Strategy Code These articles contain trading ideas that might be be the seeds of a great trading system.

We all know there are no magic indicators but there is one that certainly acted like magic over the past[ Are you still satisfied with your purchase? Could re-upload your PDF please? Please note, the trading concept and the code as provided is not a complete trading system. This is not a financial advice.

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RSI (Relative Strength Index) is a technical momentum indicator. The Predictive RSI is based on the RSI indicator, the idea is very simple and that’s exactly what makes it so powerful. The DIG Predictive RSI plots directly on the chart, in real price values, no more complicated oscillator values on a sub chart, everything is exactly where you want to .

TradeStation 9 Trader Profile: For traders of all levels of trading experience, from beginning traders to seasoned traders. Easy to use for new TradeStation users. Can be used in all markets for scalping, day trading, swing trading or position trading. Five separate divergence indicators that provide an alert and pop-up text whenever a divergent condition exists between price and the selected indicator.

We additionally offer a custom divergence indicator that allows you to paste any indicator from the EasyLanguage dictionary into a user-defined input to detect divergence. Besides regular divergence, our divergence indicators also have the option to detect reverse divergence. Additionally, we added an optional cycle filter into our divergence indicators that gives the user the option of specifying a full cycle requirement for each divergence occurrence.

Unlike conventional divergence indicators, the Trading Alchemy Divergence Indicators do not wait for a pivot to occur in price action before indicating a divergent condition. This means that with the Alchemy Divergence Indicator you will receive a divergence indication much quicker than with the standard TradeStation divergence functions. This allows you to get a step on making top or bottom formation decisions and allows you to enter your trading orders much sooner.

Divergence occurs when the indicator RSI, MACD, Stochastics or Tick is giving you an indication as to direction that is different from the direction that price is moving. For example, price is heading higher and the indicator is heading lower.

Divergence occurs when the higher price is not confirmed by a higher indicator reading. Bullish Divergence - occurs when price is making a lower low and the indicator is making a higher low, failing to move to a new low with price.

This is a great sign of a potential bottom and many traders look deeper for confirmation of a buy signal when bullish divergence occurs. Often times, you will see bullish divergence correspond with the low of the day. Bearish Divergence — occurs when price is making a higher high and the indicator is making a lower high, failing to move to a new high with price. This is a great sign of a potential top and many traders look deeper for confirmation of a sell signal when bearish divergence occurs.

Often times, you will see bearish divergence correspond with the high of the day. Bullish and bearish divergence is a great tool for the intra-day trader. However, spotting actual divergence with price and the indicator can be a very tedious and inconsistent task for most traders.

With the Alchemy Divergence Indicators all the difficult and tedious measuring are done for you in a very visual and consistent manner. This allows the trader to concentrate on possible trade set-ups and trade confirmation signals. CCI Divergence Commodity Channel Index — CCI The Commodity Channel Index CCI , which is best used with contracts that display cyclical or seasonal characteristics, is formulated to detect the beginning and ending of these cycles by incorporating a moving average together with a divisor, which reflects both possible and actual trading ranges.

The final index measures the deviation from normal, which indicates major changes in market trend. It displays bullish divergence when price makes a lower low while the CCI makes a higher low and it displays bearish divergence when price makes a higher high while the CCI makes a lower high. It is relative to its past performance and is front weighted.

Therefore, it gives an excellent velocity reading in comparison to other indicators. The RSI is less affected by sharp rises or drops in price performance. Thus, it filters out some of the "noise" in an instruments trading activity. The RSI tends to treat price as a rubber band. The Stochastic RSI is an oscillator that calculates a value between 0 and 1 which is then plotted as a line. This indicator is primarily used for identifying overbought and oversold conditions.

Bearish cross on the daily Stoch, RSI very over sold. PPO moving down with some bearish divergence. Also remember that a rising wedge, particularly after some strong downward movement as has just happened with PONY is a bearish trend, and Shorting gold for a little, just messing around with indicators to see if they are accurate enough to base my shortterm trades on them.

Stoch RSI heading down: Could be an impending breakout Probability favors a breakout with btc being so bullish lately, however there's not much room to climb up on the 4hr stochrsi Looking at the 1day chart you can see that if we were to break upward here we would be forming a higher low on the 1 day chart and that also the inverted head and shoulder pattern is still in play.

However the stochrsi on the 1 day chart has plenty of room to dip still. I think we could still be forming a 1 day inverted head and shoulder pattern however if we were If this continues to play out this way there is a good probability this wedge could drop the price back down to the support zone of the 4hr 50ma in orange.

Whether or not the 50ma will maintain support if it breaks own tot hat level is the question. Of course we could always break upward too but I won't be confident of that until the 4hr rsi and stochrsi are low This also give the stochrsi and the rsi a chance to cool down to give Just got a nice bull candle to end the day on the 4hr chart that took us above the current bearflag we were in and turned it into an inverted Bart.

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A while back we posted an article called, "Modified Chartmill Value Indicator", the author presented an indicator that might prove[ In an attempt to make this system more tradable, I've looked at many different stop methods and filters.

Over the years I've looked at several very simple long strategies that were published in the book, "Short Term Trading[ Here we are four months into and I've not updated some of the more interesting articles. Trading Multiple Strategies With The Same Instrument — Part 3 In the last two articles article 1, article 2 , I discussed the need for trading multiple strategies with the same[ Trading Multiple Strategies With The Same Instrument — Part 2 In the previous article, I discussed the need for trading multiple strategies with the same instrument in the same account.

In the previous article, "Testing A Simple Gap Strategy", we were looking at two other filters in an attempt to[ Let's try to improve upon the gap strategy that was provided by Ben Little's article entitled, "Testing A Simple Gap[ Keep It Simple, Smart Guy, highlighted the virtues of building simple trading systems. We've been talking a lot about the RSI indicator lately and rightly so. It has proved to be a valuable[ This is part four in our series on creating a Euro futures scalping strategy.

This is a second part of examining a scalping strategy for the Euro currency futures. In the first article, Testing[ When testing a trading system I will often start looking at the big picture first. That's why during part one[ The challenge at taking small, consistent trades from the market daily while risking very[ Every once in a while you run accross a free trading system while surfing the web.

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