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Jason Stapleton – Traders Workshop – Forex Full Course Jason recently turned $ into $ in 90 days during the Varengold Trading Challenge Jason Stapleton explains to FX Trader Magazine the reasons why he decided to participate in a trading challenge: to provide evidence, as CEOand head trading coach at 4xTradersLive, of what he.

You can use your own risk settings on this software. As I said you might be legit. Your Privacy is protected.

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This is a long trade setup. Guys I discuss this in detail in this weeks Forex Market Preview. Great spot to look for a reversal play. Up against structure with a great stop areas. We've made a serious down move off the weekly structure resistance area I outlined a couple weeks ago. I posted this several weeks ago when the market was trading around 1.

That happens frequently when you're picking tops and bottoms. The benefit is that you tend to have small losses. There is a rather wide reversal zone here as outlined in This lines up nicely with some key structure looking left. RSI is way oversold at around This pattern filled this morning and is not sitting around break even.

Still chance to get on the move. If you don't already know these basic candle patterns it's worth learning them. I have been thinking about doing a short training series on these and potentially doing some simple indicators to identify theses setups. If you'd be interested in learning about these setups hit the "Like" button.

In order for this pattern to be a valid sell the three green candles About me Trader, Teacher,Entrepreneur. Less Tags Show All Tags. For you investors out there. Show More Ideas 1 2. Message Follow Following Unfollow. At then end of the day, I am trying to bend the curve of misinformation and fraudulent misrepresentation. Have to clear out the dead brush. Allow the cream to rise to the top.

There seems to be no end to these charlatans. Just as there are more sheep to slaughter every month, there are countless con men looking to be the next Sykes. IMO social media is part of the disease that is online trading vendors, educators, and financial entertainers apparently. To go from a respected warrior that had honor to fleecing retired people is a huge fall from grace.

How many of these sites can coexist today online? People must start to do serious jail time in order to stem the time of online trading fraud. Indeed he is fleecing vulnerable seniors but we must not forget vulnerable young and middle-aged guys and gals as well, with the wages stagnant for most in current economic conditions, many are sacrificing their small savings for a chance to earn a living as a trader.

This scum is gearing himself towards mostly guys looking for a cool big brother or young father-figure based on his stylish marketing image. Oh and maybe he is fleecing boys as well if he has spent much time adapting to local customs as a commando in Afghanistan, as pederasty rates there are quite high. Live Forex Trading Rooms. Summary Trade Empowered is a day trading educational company owned and operated by Jason Stapleton.

Jason Stapleton is a top-level communication artist. A very talented person. No track record of ever trading successfully. A history of failed trading websites. A personal resume bordering the ridiculous. Photo and Image Files.

Audio and Video Files. Notify of new replies to this comment - on. Notify of new replies to this comment - off. May 1, 8: May 1, 2: May 11, Hello, I have some things to say, and also want to make a suggestion. The world of trading needs badly this info you provide in here. I know its a lot of work, so thank you!

On the other hand, I think you should also add another cryteria in your evaluations. Since at least tradeempowered is an educational site, not a signal service, sites should be also reviewed from the educational point of view.

March 7, 6: March 7, 1: March 8, 3: Can you name one Education company that does not have complains? So tell me please how can you find an education company that has no complaints? January 6, 1: January 7, 6: ALSO a person can learn from a number of mentors over time, until he or she finds there true trading self. YES there are good marketers out there. November 21, 6: September 3, 4: August 15, 6: August 15, 9: July 21, Would that be a master of teaching folks how to scam people out of their money?

July 21, 1: July 18, 4: July 18, 1: July 18, 6: I have no faith in these Forex Brokers. Also I think a lot of folks day trade as they do not have the margin to hold overnight. July 18, Then they show a withdrawal from that lucky trade and wheel in the suckers with thoughts that all they need to do is scalp eurusd for 3 pips a day and drive a BMW to the bank daily.

July 19, 3: Also you realized the futility in micro scalping which Rob advises against for anyone that listens. We are all here because we are tired of these charlatans bilking the unsuspecting and if we can help some from making the same mistake then even better. Also, I would love to see sweeping changes where most of the vendors are put in jail. July 19, 7: July 20, 5: The purpose is simple just to share information no bullshit.

If you guys are traders or are learning to trade it would be great to hear different views and realities in each market without the crap gurus usually sell.

July 20, 6: Also, this guy has been destroying forex gurus. July 21, 8: Yes, Mike anyone you hear saying they day trade forex for big bucks is lying.

My trades in fx take sometimes weeks, months or years to come to fruition. As for losing money with brokers, I have always stuck with the highly reviewed ones so never got money stolen. James, I am all for setting up some type of chat. As you said this is not the venue for that. Full disclosure, I have never executed an FX trade in my life. I am limited with that product. My background is in futures and equities. Unfortunately, I trade in a vacuum by myself with some contact with industry pros I met over the years.

At the very least I have been looking forward to discussing trading with like minded individuals. I have been in some rooms which I will never do again and most forums are compromised.

July 19, 4: July 19, 5: July 19, 6: July 20, July 20, 1: July 20, 8: Which brokers do you guys recommend and any boOKs to get started in forex? The only reason I posted that list is that a lot of brokers are decent on there e. July 20, 2: July 20, 3: Does icmarkets allow U. S traders on forex back in , many foreign fx brokers stopped accepting U.

Oanda or IB is your best bet and also traders way. I too would like to get out of these retail brokers and avoid second-hand liquidity.

James, There were so many things in your post I disagree with. It is not comparable to Ninja, Multicharts, or Sierra. July 21, 5: But you can look at forex peace army and a lot of other sites to see some of the reviews about the broker and then move from there. July 21, 9: Good advice Rob ,nothing more to be said but to stay safe and good luck. Well said RobB, I agree with all your points because I have pretty much the same thoughts.

As usual you laid those points out far better in debate than I could ever say. Referring to your last two posts about forex bucket brokers and MT4, indeed MT is so tied to these swarmy brokers especially in the EA advertising. July 21, 3: Admittedly, I have very little experience with etrade. I went with TOS instead because I was interested in options after having heard about it mntioned on the web and heard one of the scam radio commercials during the commute after work.

July 22, 5: IMHO, there is no such thing as a forex broker who is not a bucket shop, or bordering on one. Take my experience with one of the so-called reputable US-licensed brokers, forex. In the bad old days, I took one of their trials. Being in those early days with my heads in the clouds, I had leveraged that trial account to the max, and refused to take any losses, because at the time, in typical dreamer fashion, I would rather be right than be stopped out. July 21, 7: July 22, Damn, James is a genius.

IMHO got his first sucker. Jenny when I see 1 red flag it might be a fluke and means nothing, but when I see a series of red flags it becomes the straw that breaks the camel back. My advice to you is be wise and do not give any money to James. James IMHO writes posts like someone with an ulterior motives. Be Cautious or Be the Goat. And remember the Devil rarely wears horns and carries a pitch fork and remember this industry is full of con artist. I have been visiting the forum earnestly for many months but no post had caught my attention to my comments or post.

July 22, 2: July 22, 6: James you might very well be legit, but this industry is full of corruption. And Forex Brokers and TR operators are some of the biggest scam artist out there and when someone states how Trading Forex is the best thing since Apple Pie yes some hyperbole there I get suspicious. But then when they put out an email address to contact them I get even more suspicious.

And on top of that you get Jenny posting: No evidence has been presented that James can trade profitable. July 22, 7: July 22, 8: Thanks for putting me on the pm list RobB, haha. Yes, MikeM could absolutely belong on that list too. I would try and teach supply and demand from scratch on here but I thought it was easier to post someone who has lots of free posts about it. I enjoy reading your experiences about the shams out there, keep them coming.

I look forward to posts from you and Rob B, especially when he is in attack mode. It just shows you the cesspool we are in. On the other hand, sometimes a new poster is not aware that he may look like a shill.

We usually find out the truth eventually. Intraday trading is where my risk tolerance is at. When I first left the bank I worked for, a group of us, supposedly smart guys, started a small fund.

Well let me tell you what is needed to run a decent size fund. It can be done, but you better be ready to position size and hedge correctly.

July 23, 7: Mike, My advice to someone that wants to quit their day job and trade full time would be degrees opposite of the what the TR tell you and what people want to hear. You better have enough saved to live 5 years off of. And on top of that have enough to trade expecting a realistic return and be able to make enough to live off plus taxes plus keep up with inflation. Rob I can not disagree with anything you said. I quit a very attractive job that many others coveted. Call it hubris, ego, greed, and just poor decision making.

I left with a bunch of guys that thought we were smarter than the brilliant fund managers that had all the capital in the world. Believe it or not, the profit was there because I still; had access to bank research, and contacts in the business running funds. The hardest part was convincing a group of guys to risk very small at first until we got our legs underneath us.

July 23, That sounds like an amazing experience starting your own small fund MikeM. I was never in the finance field, although I took extra classes later in accounting. Where I tried out sim mostly in tos paper and tried to hedge with options like those clowns would do in their shamshows. After they kept glossing over their losers, I gave up in disgust and went back to the intraday churn. Dtchurn, First I have to argue with you. Calling that chump Gollum is an insult to Gollum. Gollum had a purpose, Dtchum has no purpose.

He is like toxic waste and only exits to be a willfully stupid ahole. I do have a story about put sellers though. I knew this trader and he even got an article published in some trading magazine about his strategy. I forget which one it was now.

Anyway he sold far out of the money puts and just got a few cents but sold a lot with near term expiration. July 25, 9: July 23, 3: July 23, 6: I was just enquiring as to what you like to trade but I do apologize for my comment prior to the question but it becomes very difficult to differentiate which paragraph I was reading after those long paragraphs which we have all posted most adamantly on this post.

It was not in any way a means of provocation but a misplaced line of what I thought to be advice. July 23, 8: Ok, then, no problem. More than half of the time I sense its taken over by gollum as another alter. July 24, Mike M, So many post since my last post I will just respond here to the main issues.

First you are definitely on the list, I did say and so forth. James, As I said you might be legit. I just told people to be cautious and the reasons why I stated to be cautious, but the part that saddens me the most is how many people emailed you and how easy it would be for someone not legit then to try and scam these people.

Stop and Think about want I am saying. July 23, 2: Ok, I have to post and be a bit of a devil advocate. Yes I know, I am negative and so forth: As I said you might be legit. DTchump, You ignorance literally has no limits. As I said it was a mistake and you want me to give a link. I would guess if you search hard enough you can find it. At this point the only person I would show my brokerage statement to is Emmett if he agrees to do as I have asked.

As far as Rob, he put out a link with his statements a while ago which is more than anyone else I read on here. Actually, you should ask why he has a similar name to mine, not the other way around…. July 23, 1: I have nothing to prove. If I had people paying me to learn I would provide proof but all I stated in all statements prior to this was what worked for me. Rob, dtchurn and regular posters will not believe any performance claims unless they are verified.

If you are not selling anything, which I hope you are not, then no need to post performance. Moreover, it seems to me that the majority of fx brokers are shams so you will get called out if you endorse one. Personally, I have no experience with any of the usual suspects.

July 24, 7: I read your email and others but it was easier to skip the ones that were asking for too much help as I already posted a good start. July 24, 5: July 28, 8: July 17, July 18, 8: Do you trade everything via sierra? Rob, are you able to trade all products, futures, fx, equities through Sierra and clear through IB?

I tried Ninja for futures and found it to be extremely buggy. When the market gets volatile their dom is very stable almost zero latency. Unfortunately, their charts are not very good.

I would like one platform for all products with good charting capabilities. Think or Swim was recommended to me. Although, I heard mixed reviews. I hate Think or Swim. I tried it and I never use it plus the commission are high. July 18, 3: MikeM, I was mistaken about Oanda, and probably confused it with some other broker. They are based in Canada and have gotten bigger with no reported bad rap. However, it still gives me a queasy feeling and mt4 in general.

There are also probably a few legit brokers outside the U. DTchurn, I was wondering if that was you or someone else was once again copying your Good Name.

Your post once again reminded me of another reason I trade via IB. I wanted to buy some foreign stock on various foreign exchanges and at that time IB was the only one I found that could do it with reasonable commissions.

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