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Provide photographs and images for Category: Frisket is usually used when the unmasked areas are desired to be the same colour and a rapid wash is being applied, or for negative painting effects. In airbrushing , a frisket is a plastic sheet with an adhesive backing used to mask off specific areas of an image so that only the exposed area is covered with paint. On a sheet-fed letterpress printing machine, a frisket is a sheet of oiled paper that covers the space between the type or cuts illustrations and the edge of the paper that is to be printed.

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This might be an urban legend, but I've heard that Fritos are so oily that you can light one and use it as a small torch for a while. Not highly noteworthy, but Code Monkey likes Fritos: For obvious reasons a 2 oz. This is hardly a health food. I just got back from the store where I saw a new flavor. From the back of the bag: Food or one of its subcategories. If you find this addition an error, Kindly undo the changes and update the inappropriate categories if needed. The bot was instructed to tagg these articles upon consenus from WikiProject Food and drink.

You can find the related request for tagging here. If you have concerns , please inform on the project talk page -- TinucherianBot talk So how does it happen that Elmer Doolin was originally named Fritatas? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. WikiProject Food and drink Template: WikiProject Food and drink Food and drink articles Food portal.

Apple , Burger King , Fish Participate in project-related deletion discussions. Delete unrelated trivia sections found in articles. Handling trivia to learn how to do this. A frisket differs from other masks in that it is a single sheet that covers the entire work, parts of which are removed by cutting into the sheet.

Friskets are available in matté and glossy finishes. Some friskets are also solvent -proof, manufactured for use with solvent-reduced and -based Urethanes. The frisket is fixed to the painting surface and then the appropriate shapes are cut out of the material using a razor or scalpel.

The cut piece is lifted, the exposed area painted, and the process repeated using the cut pieces to mask their matching finished areas.

When all painting is finished, the resulting work contains precise shapes with no overspray. In Watercolouring , frisket, also sometimes called masking fluid, is a removable liquid masking fluid based on latex and ammonia, often available in various colours to make its presence more obvious, which is applied to the surface in order to mask off the areas that are not to be coloured by a given application of paint.

Frisket is usually used when the unmasked areas are desired to be the same colour and a rapid wash is being applied, or for negative painting effects. Watercolouring frisket is applied using a brush, allowed to dry, and then the watercolour paints are applied and also allowed to dry.

Once the paper is completely dry, the frisket can be easily removed by gentle rubbing with a natural crepe rubber pickup - the same as those used for removal of rubber cement. It is important that the paper be completely dry before removing the frisket as the friction can otherwise damage the paper if still damp. A subsequent application of frisket can be applied to mask other areas - usually those with the intention of applying a different colour or to darken some areas whilst not affecting others - and removed with the natural rubber pickup.

This process can be repeated several times without damaging artist grade watercolour papers, so long as the paper is completely dry after each application of watercolours.

Some lesser grades of paper often used for practice and academic purposes, may be more prone to damage after repeated masking and painting cycles however. Note also that whilst watercolour frisket can be removed by rubbing with the fingers, doing so has the disadvantage of potentially transferring skin oils which can discolour the artwork, or otherwise affect subsequent applications of watercolours or other mediums such as chalk, ink, etc.

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