Raghee horner handel forex futures

Jan 13,  · Join Raghee Horner as she walks you through her Four Step Trading approach and teaches you how to find the best opportunities in the market each day. Watch real time set ups as you learn how to.

I just purchased my membership yesterday A few things make me suspicious: Listening to Raghee describe her approach to the markets and watching her execute her trading plan is like getting to mind meld with a Super Trader.

Navigate the markets with the exact tools of a 30-year trading veteran.

Feb 06,  · Raghee Horner: Trader or System Seller? Discussion in 'Forex' started by trader3, Nov 20, 1 2 Next > trader3. Posts; 1 I have to say, there seems to be a shortage. One person I have run across is Raghee Horner. She is a fairly eloquent speaker who claims to be a successful trader as well as an author and teacher.

I just purchased my membership yesterday Very excited about being a member, and looking forward to learning with Raghee and the entire group! I had been off and on with trading over the last 7 years as I would rarely have success but still was eager to trade. When I would have consecutive losses, I would stop trading all together.

Then when I would have a win, I would be so happy and afraid to lose what I made, I'd stop trading.

I can say I learned a lot about trading with [another service], but you put so much into perspective for me and took it to a Whole New Level!! Directional Bias opened my eyes. I never wanted to be a daily timeframe trader because I felt it would be too much risk for me and profits would be slow gaining. Trading with you this last weeks has truly been rewarding for me and my most successful EVER!

In class you mentioned how we are told as traders to go for 1: I was quite nervous with 1: What you were saying in class was making so much sense, I said why not and went for it! Your track record and experience in the market was something I couldn't ignore.

You have helped me see and now believe that I can see success in trading. Being apart of your Trading Room has truly been my best investment in my 7-year trading career. The depth and expertise is phenomenal.

Raghee's attention to detail and passion for her teaching is sooo welcome. It's taken me a long time to understand the art of this, and more importantly managing my own psychology - that has been the biggest obstacle. It's really a "softly softly catchee monkey style" So money management and personality management have been key to building my small account into a gradually growing figure.

Thanks to a great teacher It lead me to join SF and I very happy I did. I did not find Raghee via some marketing campaign - I found her by doing extensive research and due diligence for months. Thanks a ton Raghee!! You are an awesome mentor and your patience to teach noobs like me from scratch is pretty damn impressing! I am not sure how many times you have to go over some stuff over and over Raghee Horner is a great educator and mentor, who gives freely of what she has mastered - trading the markets.

Any to be trader who seriously contemplates a full-time career trading the markets, ought to take up her mentorship! Raghee has strategies that actually repeatedly work across all markets of-the-charts! She is an easy-to-be-with mentor, who is transparent with a penchant for teaching. I have learned so much from you. Your easy to follow instructions and patience in explaining things, no matter how often you may have explained the same things, has made the biggest difference for me.

I have been trading off and on for almost five years between equities and forex and for the FIRST time in those five years I have posted consistent profits month after month. Thank you so very much for helping me realize my dream.

The consistency and quality of the trading Raghee does is the best I've encountered since I started trading in Listening to Raghee describe her approach to the markets and watching her execute her trading plan is like getting to mind meld with a Super Trader. I don't know where to begin really. Raghee Horner is that rarest of rare breeds. A brilliant brilliant teacher, a hugely successful trader who shares her book with us all so we know how often she calls it right, trades with us all, advises us, explains it to us, and transforms the way we all trade.

Simply a stunningly good teacher. What trader that can make those kind of returns on partial months in a market that facilitates the size potential available in Forex would not trade more consistently? She does not take a percentage of the profit. Instead she takes two pips per trade. Can you provide specific examples of how fees work? Not sure how to interpret 2 pips per round turn. If Raghee traded lots bought and sold there would be a pip fee that would be charged proportionately to ones account size- i.

That sounds very suspicious to me. Anybody familiar with her and care to comment? The writing is on the wall friend I know Raghee personally and I can tell you she is a sweet lady. I have never seen her trade but in the time we spent together she "seemed" like she was doing ok. That being said, I do not know for certain and her consistent progress into system selling over trading would be a caution flag for me if I was seeking help. Forex is one of the toughest ways to make consistent money as a trader and I recently read an interesting post that may be more useful to you.

Forex has turned into one of the biggest areas for potential scams and frauds, particularly in the area of managed accounts. I have alerted several of my clients about this issue but a few things to keep in mind are: For more info check the NFA site.

New one out of my budget. It is q quite interesting forex course.

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